All the different premium brands that you can get from ikhambi:

You want to write, draw and sketch like you’re used to. Fingers and rubber tips just don’t work. What you need is a precision fine-point stylus that makes your notes legible, your lines exact and puts the pixels right where you want them. Your device should never be a barrier between your idea and its creation. The Adonit Jot is simply the best stylus for drawing and writing.
Wahoo Fitness is a fitness products company dedicated to bridging the gap between expensive, accurate exercise sensors and the everyday athlete. We achieve this by displaying workout information on that expensive computer you already carry with you… your smartphone. By doing this, we eliminate the cost of dedicated display devices and harness the functionality of your phone. Generally, your smartphone will already incorporate a GPS, an MP3 player and other features that are useful when working out. Most importantly, smartphones have excellent displays and processing power, which draws a host of third party software designers who can generate, store and reproduce your exercise information into whatever format you best prefer.  At Wahoo Fitness, we understand that tomorrow’s exercise information will be in the palm of your hand and we build our sensors around this. Today, our Fisica Sensor Interface allows the Apple iPhone to receive information from exercise sensors, but in the near future this capability will be widespread. This is why our sensors are uniquely designed for smartphones of all types.
Changing the game is about challenging everything we know and accept about the products we design. BlueBuds X rewrites the rules of Bluetooth audio, delivering a sound you’ve never heard before.
K-EDGE produces elite level bicycle accessories, including: computer, camera and light mounts; chain catchers and chain guides. K-EDGE products are made in​ the​ Boise, Idaho CNC machine facility. Today, K-EDGE is known for designing and producing industry leading upgrade bike parts, improving the experience for cyclists who use GARMIN, Go Pro, WAHOO, SIGMA, CATEYE, Pioneer, SRAM, SHIMANO, Campagnolo and more.​ K-EDGE is distributed in over 40 countries worldwide and can be found at the best bike shops. K-EDGE products are the choice of over half the teams in the Tour de France and are relied on by the Tour de France 3x champion Chris Froome and Team SKY. K-EDGE products come with a Lifetime Warranty and are known for their legendary quality, craftsmanship and durability.
Conceived in the pristine valleys of KwaZulu-Natal, Leathim embodies the true spirit of Ubuntu, a concept that every African holds dear. To some, the bull is a symbol of the Groot Trek. To others, it is the dollar sign of Africa, which is not only used for Lobola but that sustains our daily lives.
Catalyst is a design and development company founded on the idea of creating iconic products that enable people to explore and share their world. In developing our products, we have performed a significant amount of R&D and developed technical expertise, know-how and an IP portfolio that previously did not exist in the market. This is one of the reasons why several case companies approached us to do a partnership. We chose to partner with Griffin Technology and announced our partnership at CES 2013 and launched the co-branded waterproof case which we designed and developed using our IP and know how. Our second generation case was really well received in the industry and received many great reviews. Griffin sold our products in retailers such as Best Buy, FNAC, Media Saturn, JB Hifi and Yodobashi.
Listen. Track. Communicate. Get the world’s first truly wireless Hearable, a smart device that fits in your ears. Experience amazing sound and the PerfectFit combined with In-ear biometric sensors, live activity feedback and gesture controls.Truly wireless earbuds that let you listen to music free from wires and cables. Bragi is engineered with smart technology that brings you benefits beyond just listening to music, track your fitness metrics, and communicate with others.
Pain.cave is a modern, cycle-specific training centre. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, KOM hunter, or you’ve only just bought your first bike, a great workout in a safe environment is guaranteed. Workouts are held in a group setting, but are individually tailored and adjusted to fit your abilities and experience level. Pain.cave is proud to be the first company on the east rand to utilize this training method in a studio environment. Our personalised power targeted programs are leading edge, designed by to improve performance. Each bike is linked to a state of the art computerised resistance unit ( Wahoo Kickr ) able to tailor workout intensity to match your personal fitness level. What this means is highly effective, targeted training. All you need to do is pedal – we’ll take care of the rest!